White cotton blouse

I am not always in ”colour mood” and rather opt for something very simple like white blouse paired this time with grey trousers, no accessories at all, simply almost blanco. A white blouse is a staple item working in wardrobes for decades, an essential for every woman, which will never go out of fashion.

For the next time there will be more colour again, I promise! 🙂



The classsic cotton white blouse

Cotton white blouse Escada, trousers René Lezard, bag Chanel Jumbo, pumps Prada


5 thoughts on “White cotton blouse

  1. Hi, I am enjoying your blog. I am interested in knowing more about the design process of the items you designed yourself. Do you work with a dressmaker or do the work yourself ? How do you come up with the ideas ? Thanks

  2. Hi Karen,
    thank you for stopping by…makes me very happy plus makes sense to me to continue. 🙂

    Design process etc.
    I am doing everything by myself from A to Z. Thinking about posting more photos documenting the process but when already working on something I always forget to take pictures or they are totally unusable, or I am tired or I am too much into it there is no space for anything else.

    Come up with Ideas
    The Ideas are just in the air I only have to catch them, memorize them, draw them, and make sketches in order not to forget them. Sometimes I have to wake up the middle of the night and have to draw something immediately, because I am sure till morning it would be gone. The inspiration is everywhere around me ranging from look through fashion magazines, having open eyes when walking down the street, watching movies, browsing art galleries…


    P.S.: Any suggestion what to improve? I am open to everything…:_)

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