Biker jacket

Some spring trends are expected like the florals etc., but when comes to spring I like to take ”for walk” leather jackets no matter which one colour. Of course I do not posses the whole range colour but few of them in the neutrals have their honourable place in my closet.
One of my favourite is the light etoupe coloured one I own by chance when shopping for something else. I did not like the colour at all, it was not a love for the first sight, but then I touched the leather and was totally lost. This leather jacket is made from the softest light weight lam Napa leather I know. Of course I had to alter the jacket little bit in the back, because unfortunately I do not fit in off the rag sizes. So hope you don’t mid to share few modelling pics.


Inspiration, light coloured biker jackets from Balenciaga to Burberry


Short leather biker jacket from Burberry


  My interpretation of wearing biker jacket

Leather jacket Orwell, scarf Hermès, bag Chanel Maxi, trousers Rena Lange, ankle boots Roberto Cavalli

Biker leather jacket Orwell, details


6 thoughts on “Biker jacket

      • I love good craftmanship, amazing quality, timelessness of a piece…be it Chanel or something else 🙂

      • I adore good craftsmanship, perfect quality, attention to detail…so that’s why my purchases are more and more expensive or it’s taking me ages to make my own clothes, because I accept perfection only when working with high quality nature fibres like silk or cashmere.

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