Friday outfit/Bally party

I am little bit busy and tomorrow it is not going to be better because of ”skiing” Sunday but still I have to post at least few pictures from Friday evening. My dear friend Macs and me attended spring RTW at Bally in Vienna. This time we left the husbands at home and enjoyed the event, having time for trying on some clothes like a leather coat (Illustr.: 6, 7) I liked a lot and Macs fell in love in one particular silk dress (Illustr.: 8), which was sophisticated cut. My outfit ( Illustr.: 1-3) for that evening was very easy silk blouse with classic trousers.
Will post more photographers later in next post. I am sure you have nothing against some beautiful dresses mostly from silk, gorgeous purses and shoes from Bally.

BTW I have got inspired as well and have at least five Ideas for a silk dress or two or more.:-)

1. Silk blouse, trousers Rena Lange, belt Hermès, boots Pollini, bag Chanel Jumbo

2.Silk blouse, wool trousers, virgin wool coat Rena Lange, belt Hermès, ankle boots Baldinini

3. Rena Lange outfit, close up


4. Bally event, something to drink?


5. Bally purse


6. Bally leather coat and purse on a gorgeous Model

7. Bally leather coat, left on the Model, right on me in ”very” different size 🙂

8. Bally silk dress


2 thoughts on “Friday outfit/Bally party

  1. I like your outfit 🙂
    Bally’s leather coat is a real WOW! And the purse the model is holding in this picture is lovely 🙂 Seems like the two of you had a fun evening 😀
    The pink drink looks interesting – was it good?
    Sleep tight 🙂

    • The leather was a dream, so soft…We did have a fun!.-)
      The pink drink was actually cosmopolitan cocktail and I did not touch it! I prefer wine or champagne. 🙂

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