Looking for Spring ended up with silk (blouse)

On Saturday we went to in NP Donau-Auen to look for snowdrops, took walk along the Danube and had a wonderful little snack in the local restaurant Humer’s Uferhaus, I ordered sheatfish Carpaccio fantastically flavoured I still have to think about:-) and then the ”surprise” came. We did have another 30 minutes left and my husband came up with this ”great” Idea to make a stop on the way home in Designer outlet Parndorf. As I know he is not keen on shopping and half an hour is no time for shopping 😦 I decided quickly to run to Rena Lange shop hoping I will find something. Yeah, I haven’t left the shop empty-handed.:-) I scored an emerald-green silk blouse and a grey virgin wool sweater.





Sheatfish Carpaccio

Rena Lange silk blouse with double collar and hidden buttoning


Rena Lange virgin wool sweater


Rena Lange silk blouse


5 thoughts on “Looking for Spring ended up with silk (blouse)

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