Floral blouse

Even though the spring is not about to come I tried to fight against it with my own weapons playing with a floral silk fabric and here is the result a simple collarless blouse with wide sleeves paired with classic ¾ classic pants.

Floral silk (Cavalli fabric) blouse Designed by me, trousers wool Designed by me, ankle boots Roberto Cavalli, purse Hermès Victoria, belt Hermès


Floral silk (Cavalli fabric) blouse Designed by me, the back

Floral silk (Cavalli fabric) blouse Designed by me, trousers wool Designed by me, ankle boots Roberto Cavalli, purse Hermès Victoria, Twilly for the bag also Designed by me


7 thoughts on “Floral blouse

  1. Hey, Suzi, how cool is that?! 😀 Matching Easter colors. Congratulations! Love your blouse, you are so talented, which I knew how to use a sewing machine 😉
    HAPPY EASTER to you! 🙂

  2. Beautiful! Lovely! Perfectly created!
    And did you use a commercial pattern, or designed your own?

    • Thank you Carolyn, I did use an old Burda pattern and modified it a little bit. I am lazy to copy new one. 🙂 It was a usual pattern blouse you can find almost in every second issue of Burda. I left the collar, did a V cut, make the sleeves wider towards the cuff and here we go. In the next post I will finally show another new blouse I made it using completely the same pattern but differently…:-)

      • I thought it might be a Burda… Thank you for telling me your changes, this is a great help. And yes, I too modify my Burda patterns. I’m from Florida, so your may silk fabric choices I’ll need to modified to cotton, or something easier to clean.
        I’m so thrilled to have found your blog. Thank you.

      • Thrilled? Wow! Thank you….again!
        I am silk maniac, no matter how difficult it is to maintain it or not? Mostly I wash my silk blouses by hand, adding a little lemon fresh juice in the last water. Of course if I do have some fat spot or something on it I opt for professional cleaner.

        Lol, lucky you. The weather is amazing there now. Have been in Miami and around back in spring 2010. It was an absolutely positive surprise for me. Visited US the last 10 years know what I am talking about. I was totally impressed of art deco district and forget not visit design district too, having great time there.

      • Yep, you are correct, it is the right month for the best weather in Florida… refreshingly cool, and I’m in shorts!
        I live in the Orlando area, and there is no historical art deco here…just many tourist and Disney-like theme parks. I have to leave the area for a breath of real-world society and nature.

        Washing silk by hand–a great idea! I didn’t consider this.

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