New Hermès silk scarf in…

A few weeks ago new Hermès silk scarf found its home a stunning scarf in rich orange colour with fabulous details. At the moment my favourite H scarf.

Name: Monnaies et symbols de Parisii

Author (Artist): Zoe Pauwels

Year of Issue: 2006

DPP_0004 DPP_0004-2 DPP_0004-4 DPP_0008 DPP_0014 DPP_0018 DPP_0022 DPP_0025 DPP_0031 DPP_0042 DPP_0052

New Hermès silk twill scarf matching my H accessories


8 thoughts on “New Hermès silk scarf in…

  1. Wahh – love orange silk and you’re just lucky I already have an orange BdG! Otherwise you’d once again have to check my purse. 😉 So happy you enjoy this fun coloured goody – looks absolutely stunning on you (especially in combination with your blue jean Victoria). sending smooches – me! 😀

    • I discovered your blog just by chance. I did not know till now you make your clothes ( a really good one) by yourself as well. You remind me with your style a one professor Barbara Janowska on Polonikum (Warsaw University). Thank you for stopping by.

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