Silk on the way to Spa

I am not a fan of spa (only if I can be private), public pools or anything like that, but my ”lovely” husband insisted on it to show off 🙂 my round body in a public in Spa Linsberg Asia not so far from Vienna. Actually it was not a bad Idea at all when I consider the massage he ordered the day before for both of us.:-)
You can enjoy eight different pools, bathing culture with purest water. The pools extend to exterior and allow a great open air bathing. When it comes to food there is no problem to get a great treatment as well inclusive good coffee and cakes afterwards.
So even though I am shy to run around in swimsuit I am sure we will do it again soon.:-)


In front of Linsberg Asia Spa

wearing: Sunglasses Ray-ban, trench coat (silk inside out) JOOP!, silk chiffon blouse Designed by me, trousers (silk/wool) Designed by me, pumps Vicini, purse Salvatore Ferragamo Sofia

The details of the outfit

Spa Linsberg Asia

Spa Linsberg Asia, hungry?:-)


7 thoughts on “Silk on the way to Spa

    • I allowed myslef to translate what you wrote:
      The blouse is divine. Yes, please one like that send to Brno. Thank you.

      Thank you, Kiki. We can talk about it!:-))))

  1. hallo
    schöne Farben, du siehst wunderschön aus, erstaunliche Nebeneinander von Farben,den Mantel ist Handmade unnd wo hast du das Material gekauf ? bei Komolka oder Berlin??

    • Danke Isabella, der Mantel ist von JOOP! aus Seide ”natürlich” gekauft in Warschau.:-) Es steht eigentlich unter den Photos. Nur die Bluse (Chiffonseide, leopardprint) und Hose (Seide/wolle) sind meine Arbeit. Stoffe kommen von Komolka, on-line Shops und Moskau.

  2. Ahhh, sweets – you look amazing! Despite me being quite content with my personal style, sometimes I really wish I’d feel as self confident as you, wearing such a fancy look. 😉

    • Thank you, Macsi. It is just only about colours. Nothing more and nothing less plus sometimes I enjoy provokes the people and stand out of the crowd. That day I was simply in my eccentric phase..-)))))

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