Chiffon silk blouse with leopard print

Maybe few of you realized I am not the youngest and having not the model body. So it is challenge almost every day to choose or made the right clothes in order to lose few kilo at least optically. I am sure I do not have to write about shape wear, the perfect fitted bra and some other genius underwear to achieve this. The second key is the right proportions, the right size or cut of the clothes flattered exactly your body shape. I am definitely a pear shape, no doubts about it and once I find something that works, I keep it. This is exactly the case of the chiffon silk blouse, a very easy pattern, covering all the problem parts of my body buddha belly, muffin top and back fat, big bust, arm flap ( yeah, I am not kidding ) using shoulder pads making my shoulders wider, the length ending little bit under my natural waist line and still not shortening my legs. The other one plus of this blouse is that it is made from a very light chiffon silk making the blouse all year round piece. Chiffon silk and silk generally provides warmth in winter and cool in summer no matter how long the sleeves are. Chiffon silk feels like nothing on your body, silk holds its shape and it is very comfortable to wear.

P.S.: Wear under chiffon silk blouse or top a camisole (my favourite is from Maidenform) in nude shade.

Leopard print blouses, Inspiration

Chiffon silk blouse and trousers (silk/wool) Made by me/Designed by me, open toe satin silk pumps Badgley Mischka, sun glasses Ray-ban, bracelet Hermès Kelly dog Barenia

Chiffon silk blouse and trousers (silk/wool) Made by me/Designed by me, pumps Christian Louboutin, sun glasses Ray-ban, bracelet Hermès Kelly dog Barenia, purse Chanel Jumbo caviar



4 thoughts on “Chiffon silk blouse with leopard print

  1. Ein tolles Outfit- die Bluse ist sehr schön und steht Dir grossartig!
    Du hast sehr gut geschummelt, von Deinen Figurproblemem ist absolut nichts zu erkennen ;-). Danke auch für den Link zum richtigen Darunter!

    Liebe Grüsse von Sabine

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