Silk twill top

I am a silk maniac, snob, adorin as you want.:-) I came lately across beautiful silk twill (Hermès fabric) I just could not leave it in the shop and quickly forger the other fabrics I store at home. Spring is here and the summer just around the corner so it was really easy to decide what to do with it. I opted for simple top to let the print to speak for itself, the hem of the sleeves is hand stitched and because I love some how perfection I choose the French seam for the side and shoulder seam instead of the usual one even though it means a little bit more work. I was so happy with the result, so I wore the top three times over this week.

_G9C7791Silk twill top (Hermès fabric) Designed by me/SILKY1WAY, Jeans Lewi’s (boot cut, high-waist), pumps Vicini, biker leather jacket Orwell

Silk twill top (Hermès fabric) Designed by me/SILKY1WAY , Jeans Levi’s (boot cut, high-waist), pumps Vicini, biker leather jacket Orwell


Silk twill top (Hermès fabric) plus trousers Designed by me/SILKY1WAY, Espadrilles Salvatore Ferragamo, leather bracelet Hermès

My new silk twill top Designed by me/SILKY1WAY in action in Donnerskirchen, AT

More to come, the same silk twill fabric (Hermès) in cobalt blue colour for dress?


5 thoughts on “Silk twill top

  1. Suzi, the blouse is PERFECT! The print is PERFECT! The sleeve hem treatment is PERFECT! It is all designed so well, and the pleats around the neckline balance well with the sailing print at the base. You should be very proud of your work and design! Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Thank you, Carolyn. Makes me very happy you described the details better than me. I was so tired of selecting pics and working on it so there was
      no time left for any essay…:-(:-)

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