Flower intermezzo

Working now on something else now and before I share with you my new blue silk twill dress I am very happy about you may not mind to please your eyes with some natural beauty growing in our garden.

Menyanthes trifoliata


And now a little sneak peek of the blue silk twill dress…modelling pics in the next post today.


Silk twill dress by SILKY1WAY with marine motif, silk twill ribbon scarves


4 thoughts on “Flower intermezzo

  1. Awesome pics! Despite the good devices (cam) I sure know you also need a good eye (present) and some background technique (which I can’t wait to learn). 🙂 hugs, me

    • It is absolutely true and the background techniques in my case are not mastered at all. I made some mistakes working on the pics, but a help is on the way. It should come per Amazon soon.

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