Inspiration by nature

I was a little bit silent the last few days being busy to travel by bike together with my hubby from Passau to Vienna and of course also thinking about fashion even by watching ducks, suffering bad weather not mentioning my burning bottom. More of discovering the cultural riches along the Danube bike route from Passau (south-eastern Germany) to Vienna will appear in the next post.

Every time you have no idea what to wear or how to combine this and that or which colour combination is the best there is apart of fashion magazines an unlimited inspiration in the nature every day around us. I am sort of colours lover and never afraid to wear some more or less. When watching quietly ducks recently I realized they have a really cute outfit ranging from emerald-green, over deep royal blue, brown and etoupe colour finished with a vivid orange. Isn’t it a high time to look for an orange pumps or sandals to pop up my wardrobe?

An outfit inspired by nature





Natural beauty in the gardens along the way after rain

Preview of the Danube bike tour Passau-Vienna


6 thoughts on “Inspiration by nature

  1. Oh, my goodness…all the way on a bicycle from Passau to Vienna…my poor bum – no way, José, that’s not for me. So you can imagine that I have all the admiration for you…!!
    Beautiful pictures and you’re right, we can learn a lot from nature 🙂
    Hope your fine and not suffering too badly from the cycling ?! 🙂

    • I am OK now!:-) It was not that bad actually easy peasy. It is absolutely flat land and of course I like to prove myself I am not a chicken.:-) I have to say it was at least 4 times easier than a cycling in desert (Canyon lands NP, USA) on slick rock, in the sand and in a heat and no shade.:-((((

  2. Ein sehr sehr schöner Blog, gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut!
    Liebe Grüße und schöne Pfingsten, leokadia

    • Danke leokadia und danke sehr für vorbei zu schauen. Ich denke, wir können uns vonÜbrigens Pfingsten ich versuche die lange Wochenende zum arbeiten auf etwas Seidiges ausnutzen und hoffentlich es kommt was raus..-)))Lg aus Wien

      • Genau, von 😉
        Mein Sohn und Freundin kommt Sonntag, ich nähe dann am Montag vielleicht 🙂
        liebe Grüße und ich freu mich auf deine Kreationen ….

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