Passau – Vienna by bike

There is probably no better way to discover Austria along the Danube.

Cycling from Passau to Vienna in a few days or a week is definitely not a bad idea at all. I did it for the very first time. Before you go the most important thing is to obtain a gel seat, waterproof outfit and waterproof bike travel bags.

The beauty of the landscape of the Danube Valley and its rich history and culture ensure that this trip is a unique experience.

I was very surprised by the beauty of Passau, the narrow streets with stunning façade details of the houses. You should also not skip the St. Stephan’s Cathedral a baroque church build in 1688 and known for its largest cathedral organ in the world.

Another nice surprise was the city of Enns, the oldest town in Austria received town privileges in 1212.

The little city of Grein was just unique with its oldest town theatre built in 1791 by Grein workers and still in its original condition. The theatre has 163 seats and the seats in the front stall have a lock in every back rest, so the seat can be fixed and blocked for the person holding the key.


I will do it again definitely because as a good food and wine lover I can not forget the local wine bar still dreaming about the perfect chocolate soufflé.

There are many places to discover along the Danube I picked only few of them hope you do not mind.:-)


Passau, the first impression





Passau, the largest cathedral organ of the world


village of Wesenufer with castle Marsbach up on the hill


The city of Enns, town privileges since 1212

Enns, the oldest town in Austria



Grein and its oldest town theater


Melk, the impressive Benedictine Abbey



The vineyards around Wachau


7 thoughts on “Passau – Vienna by bike

  1. Thank you for sharing your trip! I really enjoyed the photos, they are so sharp and clear, I could believe I was there too. I was unaware there was a Danube bicycle route. HA! I would love to do this too… I guess we would be able to rent comfortable and reliable bikes there. (You can’t easily take bikes over on the plane from USA.)

    • Hi, Carolyn. Thank you for stopping by again. 🙂 The photos were taken mostly with Lumix and the rest with cell phone (Samsung) and of course I was working a little bit on it.
      The route generally is very easy, the bike trail along the Danube is completely flat and perfectly marked leading you trough little medieval cities and villages you would probably never visit by car. It is only about the distances, but it is up to you. You can make easily 90km a day or less or more with out stressing yourself. The only one thing you need is GEL SEAT!
      We took a train from Vienna to Passau there is one departing every day in the morning. You can then rent the bikes in Passau around the Train station. The whole bike route generally is bikers friendly, all the restaurants, guest houses, hotels welcome bike tourists. Of course we took our own city bikes and booked all the accommodation in advance. I simply like sort of assurance. For a food generally you do not need reservation anywhere plus the wine was fantastic.:-)

      • I want to go! This sounds lovely and a great vacation experience too. We have bike paths here (Central Florida) that are great for safe exercising (not sight-seeing.) The local governments grouped together and converted unused railroad tracks to asphalt bicycle paths. You can walk, run, ride bikes, walk your dog and even ride horses (in some areas.) You view nature and sometimes the backyards of homes. Thank you for teaching me and showing me what Vienna has to offer.

  2. Very nice photos, dear Suzy! So you have been sooooo good and deserve lots and lots of delicious deserts, some I have found on your pics here 😉
    Happy Holiday 🙂

  3. Ja taaak závidím. Tohle je prostě nádhera, idylka, miluju cyklistiku a z té dokonalé zeleně mi až přecházejí oči!:) jedním slovem paráda!

    • Ahoj Jani, Ja cyklistiku nemiluji. Mam ji jen rada. Miluji lyzovani, ale i tak je to skvely sport a jizda na kole je ta spravna rychlost, aby clovek ocenil krasu kolem sebe a zastavil se na chvili. Vypada to, ze to byl vyborny napad a zopakujeme si brzy kousek od Melk do Vidne, ptz jsme zkratka plno veci vynechali. Take me bavi, ze okoli kolem dunajske cyklisticke stezky je pratelske k cyklistum, maximalne na ne pripraveno a clovek je vsude vitan a nemohu opomenout fakt, ze se muzes beztrestne napajet vybornym vinem na kazdem rohu!:-)

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