White Sands

I am dreaming of travelling again. I am a quite regular traveller, and one of the countries I love to visit is the US because of the natural beauty. Yeah, it is simply like that. I would like to share one of its hidden treasures, the white sand dunes at the White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, rising from the heart of the Tularosa Basin. It is one of the world’s great natural wonders: dunes made of very white gypsum sand.

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11 thoughts on “White Sands

  1. I’m planning to go there myself on a road trip. Didn’t know it was there until I looked for somewhere to stop between San Antonio and Albequerque. It looks amazing, and I’m sure it’ll be one of the highlights of my trip!

    • Thank you for stopping by. If you are a passionate photographer the best time to go there is after sun rise. The gypsum sand is completely white.

  2. Suzi, the beaches around Pensacola, FL are very similar to White Sands, NM. There are many types of beaches in Florida, you can find many different sand textures anc colors, but Pensacola’s sand is very fine and sugar white.

  3. OMG I absolutely love White Sands !! 🙂 Been there a lot, hanging out with friends and enjoying the sun. Lived there 8 years and the picture brings back some good old memories. Good choice & you really need to visit it !

    • Yessica, thank you for stopping by. I have been there only once last autumn and can’t forget it.:-)
      Photos were taken by my hubby after sun rice in the middle of October.

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