Spring memories – Florida, Part I

The summer looks still faraway. So I realized there are still many photos hidden on my hard disc I did not share yet from our trip to Florida in May. You might notice the few pictures of Miami I posted here before.

Of course we also did Everglades, NP – one of the great biological wonders of the world.

The exceptional variety of its water habitats has made it a sanctuary for a huge number of birds and reptiles, as well as for threatened species such as the manatee. Unfortunately we have not been lucky enough to take a photo of manatee. We have chased them successfully, but every time they were just about to hit the surface of the water they simply have decided not to show off. On the other hand we have seen many alligators when on the boat and crocodiles just along the way driving there.




Crocodile on the way


Crocodile, Detail


Beautiful swamps

3 of the 350 species of birds calling Everglades their home


Flying jewels of Everglades


Flying jewels, can you see the gems?


4 thoughts on “Spring memories – Florida, Part I

  1. To je teda neco…takze ne blog jen o hedvabi i neco z biologie se tady najde:D
    Nadherne fotky…cim fotis?
    Musel to byt nezapomenutelny zazitek!

    • Ano Jani. Nejen o hedvabi.:-) Vzdyt to pisi nahore! Proste mam tech vasni vic.:-)
      1. hedvabi
      2. design obecne v arch., mode, interieru
      3. cestovani
      4. jidlo a vino
      5. kava

      Dalsi post bude Miami, design district. To jsem nemohla vynechat.:-)

      A pozorovat zvirata je proste super osvobozujici. Od tech krokodylu jsem se drzela dal a vzdy mela otevreny dvere auta, at tam mohu rychle skocit, kdyby nahodou…:-)

      Nefotim ja, ale muj muz. ­čśŽ Pouziva Canon 5D, Mark III a Canon 7D.
      Ja se chopim fotoaparatu jen sem tam. Davam prednost si uzit momentu jen tak bez traveni casu s okem v hledacku.

  2. Suzi, I’m thrilled that you have experienced the “real” Florida (the natural Florida.) We (Floridians) have to get use to and respect the gators because they are in our rivers and lakes, which means we have them frequently in our back yards. I have several stories I could tell about my experiences with gators. They purr and growl, and male gators (bulls) roar–similar sound to a lion’s roar.
    Have you ever visited any of Florida’s natural springs?

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