Little silky steps to success

I’m starting my SILKY1WAY Collection venture with what you could almost call baby steps. I mean, most of you have probably already seen, what I’m really capable of 🙂 – yet when I finally decided to take the plunge of going public, I want to start small and hopefully grow steadily from there. Since I’m practically doing everything myself so far “small” is the key word and therefore my little Twillies/Ribbon scarves the ideal initiating product.

At this point, I hope you’re still paying attention ;-), because the next few sentences are really important – to me and also all the other (H)-silk lovers! I guess it’s already quite obvious that I’m a big “orange fan” and my intention is certainly not to copy Hermès. It’s actually just the opposite!

Aside from the fact that all kinds of silk twill “scarves” (whatever size) are sold by various brands – may it be Bally, Gucci, Tiffany or LV – the Twilly/Ribbon scarf itself is often associated with Hermès. And this is exactly why I orientated myself on their size. It’s known by most silk lovers worldwide and there are many popular ways of use. BUT: Just as many of you silkies know, how hard it is to find one of these little suckers in store, yet alone a pair (to possibly cover purse handles, etc.).

To sum it up: As a loyal and lifetime fan of the big H, you should perceive me as a 2nd source/option. Be assured that I won’t accept and work with nothing less than the best silk twill available and each and every single one of my Twillies/Ribbon scarves are “made by me”.

And while we are already on such a personal level – as you might have seen, aside from the “regular” size, there is also longer Twilly/Ribbon scarf version already available. May it worn as a belt, or whatever you like also for us ladies who like food and can’t be called ”body”.:-) Finally : Customization is the key word here at SILKY1WAYso don’t hesitate to get in touch, in case you “need” something else.

Thank you again for your support and let the silk fun begin! The online shop is open now!

Yours sincerely SILKY1WAY


Cream Twilly/Ribbon scarf

Cream Twilly/Ribbon Scarf with equestrian motive

Please click on the pictures to open the gallery to view the details

Optiom how to wear TWilly/Ribbon scarf

Darker turquoise Twilly/Ribbon Scarf with small paisley motive, another option how to wear it





12 thoughts on “Little silky steps to success

  1. Yes…a je to tady!!!Fotky vypadaji skvele a uz se tesim na vesele shoppingovani.
    Jedine, co me znepokojuje, ze muj balicek stale jeste nedorazil…budes posilat veci z tveho eshopu pres stejnou spolecnost?

    • Ahoj Jani. Me to neznepokojuje, ale s…!Mam s nima normalne vyborny zkusenosti uz nekolik let do UK, DE a po AT velmi pravidelne a vzdy to prijde za historicky kratkou dobu jako 3 dny. Napisi jeste mejlik.

      • Zuzko…ted uz tem mym, ktere konecne dorazily, nereknu jinak nez “little suckers”:DDD Myslim, ze by se od Tebe mohl inspirovat i H…rozhodne originalnejsi a vtipnejsi jmeno nez twilly…doporucuji vyzkouset karieru jako copywriter:DDD

  2. Congratulations again! I think this is so fantastic and I am keeping my gingers crossed that all goes perfectly well for you and SILKY1WAY 🙂
    Big hug! xo 🙂

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