Miami Design district – Florida, Part II

I was busy lately and forgot totally, that I owe you still some pictures of the Miami trip.

For design buffs and other alike, when in Miami, the Design district is worth the visit. It is a creative neighbourhood, dedicated to design, architecture, innovative fashion, and also good food etc.

The Design District isn’t just home to funky galleries and unusual art; it is also a high end shopping Mecca. You can stroll through luxury closet staples like Christian Louboutin or Marni, next to furniture showrooms and home décor stores specializing in everything from a chic loft look, high tech style to retro.

Historically, the area was originally known as Buena Vista.
The district was founded in the 1920s to create and market furnishings for hotels during the South Beach art deco boom. You might have seen some of the Art Deco houses and hotels from the era here.
The district itself and much of the Miami withered during the 1970s and 80s, when crime rates soared. In the 1990s a local developer began revitalizing the area and looking for hot, brand-name tenants, and the Design District has returned strong, as an area for shopping and dining.


Miami, Design district


Christian Louboutin store


Miami , Design district

Design garden and Bissaza store


Kartell store

Cocktail or coffee?


Fendi casa

Fendi furniture store



2 thoughts on “Miami Design district – Florida, Part II

  1. Nadhera…..v Kartell store bych vykoupila uplne vsechno…no tak snad jednou az budu zarizovat ten muj opravdickej dospelackej byt:)

  2. Design district je super! Komerce, ale jinak! Proste to melo stavu a pro me jako ex profi vic nez zajimavy. Jinak Kartell neni spatna volba!:-)

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