More (silk) to come…

This post has to be short. I am just busy making of summer overall. It was not planned at all, but you readers inspired me to make it! Yeah, you can believe it or not!:-) When making a cappuccino for breakfast I was checking my blog per cell phone and one of my readers just commented on the previous post Golden age and wrote I am shining in it, which inspired me to have a look how much yellow silk is left. Not too much to be honest only for a short top, but then I realized some of you liked my other recent post (Twilly and bike) too where I was wearing a dark blue overall. So resume it up I have got Idea to make a city elegant version of the overall from yellow silk and classic fabric from Pal Zileri (summer cashmere and wool mixture). When everything goes well it might be done this week and of course the modeling pics will follow as soon as possible.
Have a great start into new week.:-)

_G9C8765-3The fabric for the new project; summer overall

120’s wool and cashmere from Pal Zileri, yellow silk from Inle-Lake Burma/Myanmar

The nature is always full of inspiration

_G9C2658The progress of making


beautiful high quality fabrics


there is nothing better than a touch of natural fibres like silk, wool and cashmere


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