Vintage Hermès scarf make over, Part I

  • I was given (by happyface313) an old Hermès scarf in not best condition to make something of it, to revalue this printed silk beauty before it ends in garbage bin. .-( To make something of it means obviously a Twilly/Ribbon scarf. Of course because of the visible sun marks I can’t make too much Twillies but let me have a look if I can make a two or three (Twillies) of it? Stay tuned. I will post the progress of cutting, sewing and final result later this week.:-)

    Name: Cosmos
    Artist: Philippe Ledoux
    Year of issue: 1966

    Yours sincerely SILKY1WAY🙂

    _G9C3216-2Vintage Hermés scarf Cosmos, 1966

    _G9C3218Vintage Hermés scarf Cosmos, detail

    _G9C3219Vintage Hermés scarf Cosmos, the middle of the scarf with sun marks


    Vintage Hermés scarf Cosmos, detail of one of the corners


    Vintage Hermés scarf Cosmos, 1966

  • 7 thoughts on “Vintage Hermès scarf make over, Part I

    1. Oh dieses Tuch habe ich mal vor Jahren von meiner Mutter bekommen, weil es mir immer so gut an ihr gefallen hat!! LG

    2. You are too good to be true! 🙂
      I had forgotten to take some pictures of the scarf and wanted to ask you to do it an maybe show the process of cutting it apart and so on. And how I find your post… 🙂
      Great minds think alike. Or wasn’t it something like that?!?! 😉
      Thank you! Have a great day xo 🙂

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