Friday afternoon with the girls

Long time ago (at least two weeks:-)) girls (happyface313, Macs and Sanne) and me went to Albertina and little refreshment afterwards and because all of them are better in writing than me I can only serve with few pictures I have made on that very hot friday afternoon.:-)

Hodně dávno před minimálně dvěma týdny jsem byla s holkami (happyface313, Macs and Sanne) v Albertině a na malém občerstvení poté a protože všechny tří jsou v psaní lepší než já, tak mohu posloužit pouze několika fotkami, které jsem ono odpoledne pořídila.:-)

dsc07211.jpg 1

Albertina museum

IMG_20130726_183241.jpg 1

DO & CO Albertina on the rear side of the museum

IMG_20130726_172759.jpg 1

gazpacho, cold and good

IMG_20130726_172816.jpg 1

A chicken salad

IMG_20130726_185612.jpg 1

more refreshment please!

IMG_20130726_201504.jpg 1

Bellini at the end

IMG_20130726_185525.jpg 1

happyface313’s matching orange accessories, bracelet Hermès, orange Twilly Hermès, turquoise Twilly/Ribbon scarf SILKY1WAY, purse Garden Party Hermès

IMG_20130726_185529.jpg 1

happyface313’s matching orange pendant Hermès


6 thoughts on “Friday afternoon with the girls

  1. I’m still in love with the mint in the water, when I see the pictures of it.
    It was such a fun and easy-going afternoon, that needs to be repeated as quickly as possible.
    Looking forward to our next “ladies afternoon” 😀 SOON! 😀
    Have a lovely Thursday xo 🙂

  2. Danke für die schönen Fotos und die Erinnerung an den interessanten/entspannten Nachmittag! Freue mich schon auf unser Treffen im September. Alles Liebe – S

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