The Daily dose party

Two talented young ladies Kathi and Vicky launched new (I am not afraid to say)  very successful and professional blog so there was a reason to organize party at Steffl Sky bar in the centre of Vienna. Me and my friend Macs came to support them together with the other girls, friends and fellow bloggers like Swarina, Fanfarella or another successful blogger and friend Mangoblüte just to name few of them.
Prosecco and dailydose cocktail took care of good mood of everybody…:-)

I decided to celebrate their success in powder rose chiffon silk top and simple black pants both from René Lezard accompanied with killer heels in nude colour from Christian Louboutin and my friend wore her beloved white Moschino pique dress. Somehow she also managed to incorporate a little SILKY1WAY Twilly/Ribbon scarf in her outfit..-)

The modeling pics of my outfit will follow (next post).

Untill then yours SILKY1WAY.:-)



Kathi of and Julia of


Love the statement necklaces of both


The Sky bar, Steffl Vienna


Macs wearing Moschino dress, belt Hermès, purse Bally with SILKY1WAY Twilly/Ribbon scarf



Playing with shoes of Mangoblüte, Macs and me (Louboutin, Gucci)


The dayli dose goody bag


Little info about The daily dose


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