South Styria wine route in pictures, Part I

The South Styria wine route is the oldest and most famous of all wine routes in Austria. The number of wine makers who live here is  significant and me and my hubby we got to like one of them (Weinidylle Dreisiebner) few years ago. Since then we are returning every year in summer to have fun drinking great local wine, eat well and coming home with a trunk full of good stuff.

Whether you start in Ehrenhausen, Spielfeld or from the side of ‘vine land’ Leutschach you will travel through idyllic wine making towns and parishes like Gamlitz, Ratsch an der Weinstraße, Berghausen, Sulztal an der Weinstraße and many others.

I apologize for the poor quality of photographs all made by cell phone.


Idyllic landscape, we are only 100m away from our target


Our trusted wine maker, we made it!:-)


Dreisiebner wine tasting room from the outside


Dreisiebner wine tasting (room) from the inside? .-)


Dreisiebner wine tasting room from the inside, love the wine leafs in the concrete floor


Dreisiebner wine tasting room from the inside, the perfect feature of ceiling


There are many ways how to present wine


Good start


Dinner is served


The room


Doing exactly nothing 🙂


The breakfast room at night, can’t wait to taste the best jam (home made by Mrs. Dreisiebner) ever in the morning


7 thoughts on “South Styria wine route in pictures, Part I

  1. Auch wenn es noch so schön ist, mir fehlen ein bisschen die alten Buschenschanken von anno dazumal, wo man sich die Schmalzbrote noch in der Küche abgeholt hat. Und die Buchteln von der Großmutter des Hauses frisch aus den Ofen geholt wurden. Zeiten ändern sich … alles Liebe – xo – S

  2. This place looks really nice! I especially like the rusty sign post outside 🙂
    Doing exactly nothing is the best for the weekend – and sometimes in between 😉
    Have a lovely day xo 🙂

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