New SILKY1WAY Silk Addition

I am working on new outfit at the moment: silk twill top with short sleeves and zip closure on the back plus classic pants using super wool 120’s with cashmere (Gianni Versace). I haven’t done anything for a while so it’s high time to do something. Before it’s going to be done I had to award myself with the matching Twilly/Ribbon scarf of the future outfit to motivate me a little bit more..-)

1. Would you like to see this one particular Twilly/Ribbon scarf in SILKY1WAY Collection for sale?
2. Which one size do you prefer?
–  the short one 5 x 90 cm
–  or longer version 7 x 115cm

Let me know your sincerely SILKY1WAY.:-)


The new Twilly/Ribbon scarf in action, made by me/SILKY1WAY



wearing: Glasses Ray-Ban, jacket Escada, jeans Strenesse, bracelets and purse Hermès, pumps Christian Louboutin, Twilly/Ribbon scarf SILKY1WAY

The making of…….Twilly/Ribbon scarf


The fabric, silk twill

Love for the first sight: Twilly/Ribbon scarf made by me/SILKY1WAY, purse Ms Birkin Hermès


The silk top in progress


The fabric (Versace) for pants super wool 120’s with cashmere


The Ideas, what to do with the fabric?


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