One jacket three (too) many ways

I (can’t) promise I won’t bother you again with the jacket in the future. It’s just sometimes shopping can make one happy….. More or less.:-)
This is my way to express the joy of purchasing a very versatile, perfectly made jacket by RENA LANGE.
Have to go back to sewing…or biking? It’s not rainy anymore…:-)
Yours SILKY1WAY.:-)

The jeans version


Hmmmm….not really sure…is it  me or not?

Jacket RENA LANGE, red silk blouse RENA LANGE. brooches CHANEL, jeans Levi’s, purse CHANEL jumbo, pumps CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, sunnies Ray-Ban


showing the Ribbon of the blouse


the perfect inside


Gold, gold, gold! The golden purse (CHANEL reissue 227) matches really everything



with the city version…later on the next week


9 thoughts on “One jacket three (too) many ways

  1. Not bothered at all, honey…delighted, yeas…I cannot get enough of this jacket or of your outfit combinations with it….in fact cannot wait to see it in real life next week:)

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