Chic Sicily goes to Vienna

Few months ago I was interviewed by lovely Katherine: the feather factor. Several days after I spotted a new like on Facebook and every time people makes an effort to click on me I always send a private message with ‘’thank you’’ and so I discovered Jana – Chic Sicily: blogger and young doctor (surgeon) living and working in Sicily. Since then we exchanged a few e-mails about travel and fashion thoughts and later on we started communicate more on private level.
And finally last week I was lucky enough to meet her in person. I don’t know how to express my joy? This young lady is so pure, so real, modest, zero disappointment, a living miracle!

Please meet Jana from Sicily!


have you ever seen so much joy and happiness in just one simple smile? Love this pic!


Somebody is playing shy in front of the camera…and it’s not me.:-)


she knows the camera loves her!…..much better now!

in front of the Stephansdom, Vienna

few ”fashion” details, Salvatore Ferragamo open toe shoes, Vicini pumps


There was too much to talk about…


happy shopper!


Please come in, Hotel Sacher Vienna


We did a quick stop at Sacher hotel to take a little souvenir


is more than easy to guess which one (souvenir)?


This little tiny Sacher cake has at this moment no Idea how far it is to it’s new home


These shoes were not made for (city) walking 😦


Forget the shoes, get focused … 🙂


time to celebrate…and not only us:-)


This familiar black bag with camellia was one more reason to get second glass of prosecco

To all of you who are curious what was inside this bag visit Jana’s blog.


11 thoughts on “Chic Sicily goes to Vienna

  1. Well, I just have to say thousand times THANK YOU!!! For the amazing time in Vienna, for this lovely post, for being my inspiration and being the great yourself…and at last for taking me to Chanel:)

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