Vienna fashion week without me

I got ill, so I could not attend this event, but my friend Macs did:  wearing proudly a silk twill blouse Made by me. 🙂

I wanted to wear a SO black outfit with some edgy details … simply to be safe. 🙂

Below you might see a sneak peek of my planed SO black outfit I will reveal in the next post.




Here is the blouse Made by me, 100% silk twill (third from left) my friend was wearing on Thursday

1. s1wblouse1

The blouse by SILKY1WAY in action worn by MACS, belt Hermès, bouclé jacket, black pants, bag Fendi Pee-ka-boo


Sneak peek of my planned SO black outfit

Stay tuned the whole outfit will appear in the next post!:-)


15 thoughts on “Vienna fashion week without me

  1. Can’t wait to see this black&edgy outfit!!!It is full of absolutely fab details…the brooches, the twilly bracelet…Well, allow me to say, Vienna fashion week was missing one big fashionista this year.

  2. Thehe – once again twins at heart! (in black ;-))! Truly missed you, yet so happy I was able to wear your wonderful piece of silk. But even happier you’re feeling better, sweets! kisses, me

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