Trench coat love

I am sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been busy with some other things. Another news, the Autumn is here and I see it as an opportunity to wear parka or trench coat. I am generally a coat lover. Love them all in every possible colour, material or length.

I decided to wear the trench coat in a rather masculine way – together with blue wool pants Made by me/SILKY1WAY and a sharp button up shirt from silk. This double-breasted trench coat can be worn with basically anything. There is at least 100 possible ways…:-)


Very proud and happy about my new hat from 100% rabbit hair🙂

silver trench coat Burberry, silk blouse Lecomte


silver trench coat Burberry, blue wool pants Made by me/SILKY1WAY, ankle suede boots Roberto Cavalli

purse Alma Louis Vuitton


Autumn arrived and I love it! 🙂


more details


checking my new hat again – purchase of the year?:-)


find the colour of the hat stunning…


completely sure – the colour of the hat is just perfect…for me!:-)


blue is good ( modrá je dobrá ):-)))


preview of some of the next outfit

the same ingredients: blue pants and silk blouse paired with military parka




12 thoughts on “Trench coat love

    • Thanks! I know you LV fan!!! Looking for a black strap with ghw.LV is no more producing black and other coloured straps with ghw.Would like to wear my older LV bags cross body.

  1. The combination of silver trench and burgundy blouse is superb!
    Love the hat and the shorter hair looks great.
    The Cavalli boots matching the hat is simply perfection….

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