Carinthia in pictures – Klagenfurt and Ragga gorge

You know I am not a writer, so please don’t expect any essays.:-)
In the middle of September I went to Carinthia (south of Austria) with hubby to have a fun and the rest of the time fill up with outdoor activities like hiking and my beloved biking.
The first day we arrived in Klagenfurt…

The second day was about hiking to Ragga gorge (Raggaschlucht).
World of water adventures! Over thousands of years Raggabach torrent formed one of the most beautiful natural gorges of the Alps. Vertical rock faces narrow the romantic gorge; the sound of roaring water fills the air. It’s so loud you can’t hear your voice! Artfully arranged stairs and footbridges facilitate the hiking alongside the gorge.

Warning: Pictures mostly taken with cell phone (don’t expect the highest quality):-)








Klagenfurt, center of the city

and me wearing black and one of my vintage Hermès scarf, bag Tod’s

Hurray to Ragga gorge!


In the magical Raga gorge with choke stone

More of the Ragga gorge, wooden bridges


Ragga gorge, the choke stone from the other side, the little red something is me!:-)



More pictures of Carinthia will follow…:-)


2 thoughts on “Carinthia in pictures – Klagenfurt and Ragga gorge

    • Thank you. Oh, we did have a great time! I love dress up and city life but I also love outdoor activities a lot, the nature, breath taking views, buking in a forest!

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