Camouflage parka

Have you ever been in army shop? I did it for the very first time and left the store with three pieces: a camouflage parka, camouflage pants and a wonderful hat I showed you here. I have to admit it was really worth it!:-)


Here it is.: the camouflage parka!:-)

belt and bracelet Hermès


The camouflage parka paired with classic wool pants Made by me/SILKY1WAY and silk blouse Lecomte, pumps nude Louboutins,  purse Chanel Maxi 


A little detail of the pocket. I couldn’t resist to buy the pin badges.:-)


Pose training…..take a deep breath.:-)


Pose training…..breath out!:-))))))


Have you seen the tiny pin badges?


Still happy about the hat.


Even my very conservative mom loved it. She forced me to purchase the parka! Would you do it too for 14 Euros?:-)))))


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