New project: emerald green pants

To all of you who follow my blog or just passing by I would like to let you know there is another challenge waiting to be done:

Emerald green ”classic” pants, 3/4 length, made from thick flannel virgin wool by Collection Royal by Riessmann.

Bellow you may see the Idea/sketch, the fabric, some already matching accessories like dark green Rena Lange silk blouse with horse motive I purchased accidentally sooner this year. The pattern I am using is a combination of Burda  mod. 115 01/2000 and 115  A,B 01/2011.

The modeling pics will follow soon probably on Sunday or Monday. I promise!:-)

Have a great weekend!



Emerald green fabric, Hermès leather bracelets,  J.Crew bracelet, Hermès belt, Orange short twilly by SILKY1WAY


The sketch again



The sewing process


Working on the belt


Having fun with sewing on the label…modeling pics will follow!


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