Blue is good

People are always asking me where the fabrics are coming from? Well, from around the world…This wonderful 100% blue cashmere (Max Mara) I discovered by accident in Moscow, there was only 1,30m left and without knowing exactly what to do with it I just had to buy it. A year or two later a short jacket is done and because I did also have a mink fur rests from my mink long coat remodeling I decided to use them. Of course the fur trimming is done by professional furrier. The pattern I used is Burda Mod.106 09/2007.

What do you think? With mink or without mink?


Maxi Twilly SILKY1WAY, cashmere sweater René Lezard, pants (cashmere/virgin wool) Escada, gloves Escada (lined with silk), bag Chanel reissue 227, jacket SILKY1WAY (cashmere, lining silk, triming mink), brooch Chanel


Sunny and windy winter day

Maxi Twilly SILKY1WAY, cashmere sweater René Lezard, pants (cashmere/virgin wool) Escada, gloves Escada (lined with silk), bag Chanel reissue 227, jacket SILKY1WAY (cashmere, lining silk, triming mink), brooch Chanel, over knee suede boots







already with SILKY1WAY label:-)


almost done, only buttons are missing


making of this blue cashmere jacket…


16 thoughts on “Blue is good

  1. Nice outfit as usual 😉 .I love the jacket with the Mink and the red lining, it is a piece that will never go out style.
    Love your posts.

    Have a nice week-end,

  2. Wunderschöne Jacke, auch, oder besser gesagt, gerade wegen des Pelzbesatzes! Tolles Gesamtoutfit!

    Schöne Feiertage und liebe Grüsse
    wünscht Dir Sabine

    • Danke Sabine, war letztlich ziemlich faul was zu nähen. Es ist nicht viel herausgekommen, weil es immer viel Zeit kostet oder ich keine Lust habe…Jacke mit Nerz. Das bin ich einfach. Ein bisschen aufpeppen und es geht los. 🙂

  3. Привет, Suzi! Выглядишь великолепно! Однозначно, с норкой и только с норкой! Такое чувство, что эта ткань и мех просто созданы друг для друга))). Спасибо большое, что указываешь номер модели и журнала, это очень ценная информация.Единственное, мне хочется поменять обувь. Черный цвет утяжеляет фигуру, отвлекает от мягких тонов верха, делает грубее аристократическое сочетание шерсти и меха… но это лишь на мой вкус, тебе конечно же виднее! Спасибо за хорошее настроение, всегда с нетерпением жду твои работы!)))

    • Hi, Suzi! You look great! Uniquely, mink and mink only! It feels like this fabric and fur have been just made ​​for each other))). Thank you very much, indicating the model number and the magazine is a valuable information for me……just wanted to translate your comment at least the first half and answer of course…

      Taisiya, спасибо!
      Сделать хорошее настроение? с радостью!
      Черный цвет обувь
      Я знаю, потому что у меня есть сильное икроно́жные мы́шцы, это трудно купить обувь, которая подходит…

      • Hello, Suzi! Once again I reconsidered your works, but with sural muscles I didn’t see any problem! ) ) ) You have beautiful legs! I confused me only black color of footwear, it is beaten out from the general color scale. But it only on my personal taste. Still I noted your love to beautiful footwear! ) ) ) I am sure that in your personal collection having been pair of boots in pastel tones! ) ) )

      • No I don’t have any pastel boots….They don’t produce a boots for an elephant calfs!:-) Taisiya, you have no Idea how difficult is to buy a boots for me.
        Plus of course you’re right everything in light pastel colours would be twice better, more subtle. .Black footwear is always too hard.
        In case of pumps I avoid to buy a black ones unless it’s an absolute classic pair.

      • Suzi! you incredible! ) ) ) I wish you that in new year in shops the beautiful, convenient footwear of the suitable size and color came across to you! And certainly, successful sewing projects!
        P.S. I too finished the project with the leather basky! Thank you very much for inspiration! With pleasure I will send a photo, your e-mail only is necessary. )) )

  4. Zuzko, tenhle kabatek je proste neco…absolutni synonymum luxusu!!!
    A jako by to nestacilo, jeste to doplnis Chanel doplnky a tvym maxi twilly a ja uz proste nemam slov!!!;) …je to parada!!!!
    Plus ta jahodova puntikovana podsivka se mi na nem strasne libi, doda tomu vtip…je to jak kabatek pro 5th avenue karkulku;)

    • I adored FollowMe!… a mginzaae that was way ahead of its time. I remember when I first bought it thinking it was an overseas glossy because it was so sophisticated, and was so surprised and proud to discover it was a Aussie publication! I still have all my issues from the ’80s (including the wild moving ‘hologram’ cover of Kelly Emberg in 1985.) andd I don’t think I’ll ever part with them.

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