New Year/New project: Black coat, Part I

Quick and simple post for right now. Just want to share  a few pics of working on a black coat made from virgin wool with contrast stitching and leather trimming. Those of you who are following me on Instagram or Facebook you have seen it already.

Stay tuned see you again in a couple of days with the finished result!:-)




The first Idea/Sketch ( wanted to work with fur again, but I have got another Idea later, see below), The fabric: black virgin wool, accessories Chanel brooches, silver bracelet


The new Idea/Sketch (Instead of fur I decided for golden leather and more ”O” form and also a little bit shorter)

2014-01-15 12.34.42

Starting the fun or better say work, ”overlocking” the fabric


One more Sketch


 Cutting the leather

2014-01-18 20.34.10

Sewing the leather, a big help is to ironed the vliselin on leather to prevent leather stretching


Sewing the label on…


Ohlalala….It’s done!


For more pics of the coat STAY TUNED PLEASE! They will come soon…


8 thoughts on “New Year/New project: Black coat, Part I

  1. WOW…the result was absolutely worth the effort and the coat came out amazing!!!
    Plus your combination with orange accessories is simply perfect!
    I just love these pictures from the process of creation of something so beautiful!!!
    Thank you for sharing, and see u soon, darling…hopefully in this coat!;)

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