How to get a vintage Chanel jacket?

No, I do not know the answer really. I am a total newbie in this field. The only think I know one of these precious vintage pieces find its way into my closet.

You don’t find a Chanel jacket, It finds you. It will come at the right time, when you have earned it, when you finally have the elegance to wear it likes it’s cheap.

There is no other piece of clothing that transcends time, style and age as gracefully. I wear mine with black simple pants paired with ballet flats or with pleated skirt or as the jacket is quiet new for me  I didn’t try it with jeans yet, but will do it very  soon and hopefully please you with few snap shots.

What is Chanel jacket about?
Why it feels so comfy? It has a soft sweater like quality, and it’s sooo comfortable!
Another important secret of the Chanel jacket is in the paneling, there are multiple panels in each jacket created to fit a woman’s body perfectly not only to keep its shape but it allows for sizing up or down 2-3 sizes! I bought mine in a size, which was definitely not mine. Too tight to be precise and because of the multiply panelling ( in my case 12 panels) I was able to make it my very fitted personal size. Yeah, i did by myself!

Why to buy a vintage Chanel jacket? Why the Chanel jacket is the most coveted piece of clothes?
The CHANEL jacket is the most iconic and identifiable with the House of Chanel for almost 100 years (the first Chanel jackets were made in 1916).

In the future I will try to cover the theme Chanel generally often because simply it’s my passion, my love.

So and now to my very first vintage Chanel jacket in pink with black trimming, coming from the Chanel Spring/Summer 1991 collection, on the catwalk worn by Yasmeen Ghauri.

Yasmeen Ghauri wearing Chanel jacket, Spring/Summer 1991 Collection

Chanel pink jacket (upper fabric wool, lining 95% silk, 5% Spandex), 6 panels in the front and 6 panels in the back, 4 pockets


The lining of the Chanel jacket with CC logo


One of the important details of authenticity, the back of the button with C Chanel







Wearing my very first one vintage Chanel jacket, brooch and purse both Chanel

More modeling pics of the Chanel pink vintage jacket later!

Stay tuned!


12 thoughts on “How to get a vintage Chanel jacket?

  1. Dear Susi!

    you’ve got a lovely jacket, this color flatter you excellent.

    Morning, I look at the exhibition Myth Chanel in Hamburg (Germany).
    A few days ago I’ve done a tour of the museum and am also old furniture classics encountered such Chaise longue LC4, Le Corbusier LC3 and Wagenfeld Lamp. I had thinking directly at you.
    I could well imagine that a trip to this Musem also what would have for you.
    I can also recommend the exhibition “Kleine Welten” tiny sculptures in needle eye seen only with a microscope.

    Here is the link to Chanel:
    Here is the link to Small Worlds:

    All the best, Anita

    PS I look forward to picture and travel tips about Venice! It must be great to be on venice carnival! ‘ll be in Venice in October this year for my first one.

    • Oh, thank you Anita. This exhibition would be more than something for me. WOW! Of course I checked both of the links already! I have never been in Hamburg…very sad.I know! Should be one of the coolest cities of Germany. 🙂
      Btw second vintage Chanel jacket found its new home. :-)Have to altered it little bit.
      Venice post
      Will do it soon. I am still suffering of the post Venice trauma. I do trully love this city. It’s a wonderful weekend escape in different world. Of course will add some tips…yeah this city is very touristy and you just want to enjoy it!
      For some preview pics of Venice pls check it out my Instagram.

      • Liebe Suzi!

        Die Ausstellung ist der HIT!

        Über das Museum habe ich schon den Beitrag fertig, über die Chanel Ausstellung
        arbeite ich noch. Sollte Donnerstag online gehen. Schau mal rein (
        Würde mich freuen.

        Wie ich gelesen haben, sammelst Du auch Bücher. Ich möchte Dich hiermit Vorwarnen.
        Im Foyer ist eine Buchhandlung, hier kannst Du den Ausstellungskatalog (Der Katalog kostet 50€ ist auch in Englisch verfügbar) kaufen, doch schau Dich nicht um! Hier könntest Du auch in den Kaufrausch verfallen. Mein Mann hat geflucht. Der Koffer ist soooo schwer geworden, weil ich natürlich es nicht sein lassen konnte. Ich habe gelesen, dass Du hinfliegen wirst – das ist eine sehr gute Entscheidung! Ich freue mich auch auf Deinen Berich über den Besuch! PS. Das Fotografieren ist nicht erlaubt. Nimm Dir viele Bleistifte und ein Dicken Block mit!

        Ganz liebe Grüße, Anita

        (ich schreiben Deutsch, hoffe ist ok?)

  2. Finally!!!:)
    You know I have been longing for the Chanel jacket pictures for quite some time and have to tell
    you that it was worth it. Great pictures with Chanel worth atmosphere, amazing jacket and when you write that the Chanel jacket has to find you not the other way around I absolutely agree. This Chanel jacket was born to be worn by you, my dear!
    Hugs J.

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