Shopping for vintage (Chanel)/sewing motivation

It’s generally known I do adore a perfect craftsmanship and high quality of making and before I will collect all the knowledge and more over a courage to make my own Chanel inspired jacket I discovered a new hobby of mine: purchasing an authentic (vintage/ pre owned) Chanel jackets.
Happy to announce my pink Chanel jacket has got a company: a royal blue Chanel jacket ( probably 1997) and red briquette short Chanel jacket my birthday present (Pre Fall 2010, Paris – Shanghai collection). Both of them will be shown here later. Pls feel free to try to identify the blue blazer. Any feedback will be appreciated.:-)

Why to shop for a vintage clothing?
It’s fun, it’s adventure, it can feel like searching for buried treasures. To bringing home something special, you will have to become an expert where to shop, what different types of shops carry, what can be consider a good buy and first of all  be always ready for a hunt.:-)
Vintage clothes are much more interesting and very often of higher quality than today’s pieces.

Finds that earn your attention
-Chanel jackets, sheath dresses and of course accessories
-YSL tuxedos
-Dresses/ clothes by Christian Dior and Hubert de Givenchy
-Trench coats by Burberry or Aquascutum
-Diane von Fürstenberg wraped dresses
-Anything Hermès

So and now few (Chanel inspired) sketches for my next sewing projects.

Sincerely yours



Sketch of black bouclé short jacket jacket with two front pockets


Sketch of navy blue bouclé short jacket jacket with two front pockets and 3/4 sleeves


Sketch of light cotton/wool summer  bouclé longer vest  with four front pockets


which one is the best to pay attention?:-)


introducing the bouclé fabric: authentic Chanel wool


All the three fabrics toogether: authentic Chanel wools


Motivation books 


First modest outing of my Chanel royal blue jacket


Silk lining of my ”very new” pre owned Chanel red brique jacket. Modeling pics later, need a subtle alteration…


11 thoughts on “Shopping for vintage (Chanel)/sewing motivation

  1. Ja uz se taaak tesim na vysledek, ze se uz nemuzu dockat!!!!
    A ty skicy jsou neskutecne!!!!Uzasne!!!Coco by z Tebe mela radost:)

  2. This looks like lots of fun!
    Wow, I admire your drawing skills!!!
    If you’re at it, you might want to sew me a Chanel-inspired jacket too 😉
    Have a very good and successful week xo 🙂

    • Hopefully it’s going to be fun. The idea is here, the good will too, now I have to shop for the right silk lining and bordure. It might be difficult but when the things are easy it’s the half fun only.:-)

  3. Jejej, já se taky moc těším! Mám podobné plány, dokonce látku od Chanelu (černou se stříbrnou nitkou), střih i lemovku i zaplacenou lekci on-line šití kabátku…. ale chybí mi odvaha se pustit do díla… pravda… ještě taky ta hedvábná podšívka 🙂
    Těším se moc!

    • Ahoj Terezko, a co kdyby jsi byla muj sewing sparing partner at v tom nejsem sama? Ja dokoupim podsivku a prymky a nejhorší bude střih. Mne to nikdy nesedi. Musim zvetsit přední dil přes prsa, ubrat záda, přidat vpředu na delce…to jsou ty důvody proc otalim. Vzdycky!!!

  4. Vloni v Paříži na radnici byla výstava haut-couture věcí od počátku existence. Dior a ostatní. Bylo to zajímavé. Byly vystaveny i střihy.

    • Hmmmmm……to zni super!Ja videla Dior exhibition v Moskvě , ale střihy tam nebyly. To muselo byt fakt neco. Minuly weekend jsme byly s holkama na Mythos Chanel v Hamburg. Dost dobrý!
      A diky, ze se stavis a nahlidnes!!!!:-)

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