Hi everybody, I am Suzi, resided in Austria, studied civil engineering, worked as an interior designer, like to create ever since, adore a high quality craftsmanship, hand made things and love natural fabrics, especially silk.


Yeah, it’s me...(with my last Made by me Twilly/Ribbom scarf)

It is about me and all of you beautiful ladies, who are not in their twenties anymore, gain a little bit weight over the years but still love to dress yourself. Of course it is not that easy anymore. We have to be more creative, be picky about the clothes; shoes etc. and once we find something keep it.

The name of the blog

I have been thinking about it a long time, came with several names until it was clear. I simply love silk. I am a silk blouses maniac. I consider a silk generally a magic.
I love fashion, I always did even though there were few brakes I was thinking it is not that important but I just could not let it vanish from my life. I like to create, apart of the clothes I am buying when home or on vacation somewhere around the world, I do design my own clothes because I just have to. There is always a piece of clothes I would like to have it but can not find it or the price and quality is not appealing.

So this is the place I would like to share the things I am doing, creating and love.


P.S.: Some (fun) facts about me:

–          made my first skirt when 11 year old

–          the most enthusiastic skier of the world

–          did 44m bungee jumping

–          dived with and touched 9m long baby whale shark

–          did walking safari in Kenya

–          survived 4 days bike tour in desert


3 thoughts on “About

  1. ich finde sie haben einen wunderbaren Kleidungsstil, u8nd ich finde es toll, zu beobachten, wie sie allmächlich ihre Kollektion aufbauen. Es sollte viel mehr Frauen geben, die Seide lieben und tragen. ein wunderbares Material…. weiter so!

    • Hallo Alex, es freut mich sehr, dass Sie meinen Kleidungsstill mögen und vor allem es motiviert mich weiter zu machen und was Seide betrifft es ist einfach Liebe. Es ist schwer zu beschreiben, aber es ist einfach so. Noch einmal danke für Ihren Kommentar.:-)

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