SILKY1WAY Collection

SILKY1WAY is a small collection of  handmade Twillies/Ribbon scarves and other pieces putting emphasis on precision and high quality craftsmanship made from natural fibers like silk twill, satin silk, crepe silk, ranging at the moment from short Twillies/Ribbon scarves over a long Twillies/Ribbon scarves to Silk tunics and tops.

All products are hand made from the first cut to the last stitch made from printed silk using the best available quality designer fabrics, made in Italy.


Note for buyers

By payment in on-line shop SILKY1WAY:

Please: do use the red ”check out’ button. Please do not use the yellowish express checkout button by Paypal at present, as it ‘’forgets’’ cost of shipment, which creates a second, manual process on our and your side, to add a payment for the shipment cost.

SILKY1WAY Collection includes:

– Short Twilly/Ribbon scarf  (Approx.  5 x 90 cm)

in many  different colours/designs

– Long  Twilly/Ribbon scarf   (Approx. 7 x 135 cm)

in many different colours/designs

– Silk twill tunic

with scarf motive in navy blue, pale blue with some emerald green, yellow and grey hint of colours

Sizes available: 34, 36, 38, 40, 42,44

How to use/wear Twilly/Ribbon Scarf?

Please click here for inspiration :-)


Short Twilly/Ribbon scarf  (Approx.  5 x 90 cm)

Long  Twilly/Ribbon scarf   (Approx. 7 x 135 cm)

Silk twill tunic


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